ATS Job Feed™

ATS Job Feed™

ATS Job Feed™ can be used to bring job ads automatically to your company’s website.

There are two options to use ATS Job Feed™ and you can choose both:

Example of our simple demo career site:

Example of feed in our career site:

For Webmasters

ATS Job Feed™ provide an ideal method of displaying your job listings on your website with the minimum of effort.

ATS Job Feed


ATS Job Feed™ is simple JSON feed (, with parameters:

[{ title, description, publishTime, endTime, location, adUrl, applyUrl }]

Field descriptions

title: job title

description: job ad text

publishTime: date and time when ad was published

endTime: date and time for applying deadline

location: city or country (free text)

adUrl: link to job ad description (if description is not displayed inside website)

applyUrl: link to application form

It is easy to create a list of jobs, for example:

title, location, publishTime, endTime, adUrl (as link for the list item)

When user clicks an item on the list, job ad description would be displayed in the website, content for example: title, description, applyUrl

When user clicks applyUrl (APPLY NOW button for example), a new browser tab opens, which displays the application form.

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