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We are growing and extending our international sales network. Join us and find out more about how to become a sales partner and make business with RecRight.

These are the products to sell

Applicant Tracking System

Modern recruitment tool is easy to sell. Distinguishing factors are videos in different phases of recruitment and ease of use.

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Video Interview

Pre-recorded video interview is the cornerstone of RecRight. It can be sold separately or as a part of the recruitment tool.

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If you like what you see, become a RecRight Sales Agent!

Who Can Be a Sales Agent

Sales Agent is an independent contractor, company or individual, who represents RecRight. As a Sales Agent, you will promote, market and acquire leads for RecRight. You may also demonstrate RecRight video recruitment platform after we have taught you the best tips and tricks regarding video recruitment.

How You Get Paid

Once you have convinced the prospective customer to the point, that they are ready to see a demo, or even take RecRight in use, we’ll take care of the rest! As soon as the customer becomes a paying customer, you will get paid for your efforts.

Get paid for your efforts

Mobile friendly, no apps needed

Video recruitment tool is mobile responsive. Use it with every device.

Available in 25 languages

Sounds interesting, right? Tell us more about you and let's find a way to cooperate!