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Barona: Video interviews as a part of everyday recruitment

Barona is the leading private employment agency in Finland. Apart from Finland, they operate in Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Spain, Poland, and Russia. Barona uses many modern tools and methods - including RecRight -  to find jobs for over 30 000 people each year. 

Barona uses RecRight video interviews to help them provide better recruitment, staffing, and headhunting services for their clients. Video interviews have helped Barona screen more candidates than ever before and considerably speed up their hiring processes.

Video interviews help us act fast when necessary. In some cases, we can even introduce the suitable candidate to our client within the same day,says Johanna Pilli-Sihvola, HR consultant at Barona.

Candidates can apply for job openings listed on Barona’s website or send an open application. Those candidates who have submitted an interesting open application were usually invited to a video interview.

Johanna Pilli-Sihvola, Barona

With video interviews, recruiting consultants were able to invite more candidates to the screening stage compared to, for example, phone interviews. More candidates being invited to video interviews  meant that more candidates were given a chance to showcase their skills and personality to recruiters. After weeding out poor-fit applicants, recruiting consultants only chose the most suitable talents for face-to-face interviews, where they carefully evaluated the skills and cultural fit of their candidates.

“We work closely between teams and interview candidates for other consultants. This greatly enhances our operations,” says Pilli-Sihvola.

To improve the quality of applicants invited to in-person interviews, Barona also engaged hiring managers from their clients in the video interviewing process. This way, hiring managers got to know the candidates well before meeting them in person, and, in some cases, had found the right candidate and made the hiring decision based on the video answers they’ve received. 

“Video interviews tell us a lot more about the candidate than cover letters and CVs do. Of course, we look at the candidate’s skills, work history, and education, but personality is an important criterion as well. Different people would fit different types of companies, and thanks to video interviews, our HR consultants can assess the candidate’s attitude and overall suitability already before meeting them for the first time,” describes Salla Gebhard, HR consultant.

Using video interviews, have also helped Barona reach and attract top talent from anywhere in the world, be it from Finland or abroad. Time differences and long distances between recruiters and candidates were a challenge in the past, but now it’s no longer a problem. As Salla Gebhard from Hong Kong said, “We now have a 24/7 recruiting team”.

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