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RecRight ATS

145€ /month

Applicant Tracking Software

Unlimited job ads

Employer branding video

In-application video question

Candidate screening

Candidate communication

Team engagement

Candidate database

Video interviews

295€ /month

In addition to RecRight ATS package:

Pre-recorded video interviews

Multiple video questions

Reporting tool

Online training

15 video interview positions per year

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starting from 395€ /month

In addition to previous:

Volume-based pricing

Dedicated account manager

Integration to your ATS

Live video interview

Single hire

Includes a job ad and a video interview

395€ /video recruitment

Your questions answered

What is a plan?

A Plan is your selected subscription. It is valid until further notice and it can be ended with a two month notice period. A plan can be modified to suit your needs.

Can video interview be integrated to our ATS?

You can see the full list of our current integration partners here. If yours is not on the list please take contact with us and we will start the integration discussion with your ATS supplier.

What is a recorded video interview?

It contains a number of questions recorded by you or your team. The candidates will reply at their convenience within the time frame you have given them. This will help you to hire people who click.

What is an in-application video answer?

You can ask the candidates to reply to one video question as they submit their application. In the question you can ask for specific, job related and personal information that is relevant for selecting the candidates for further Interviews. With the question the candidates will get a feeling for your company as you will be presenting the question.

What is an employer branding video?

Some companies use employer branding videos to support the written material on career pages or in the job ads themselves. In our tool you can easily insert an employer branding video to your job ads.

How to pay?

You can pay by credit card or invoice.

What does ATS mean?

An ATS is an applicant tracking system that roughly 50% of the companies have in place for publishing the job ads and receiving applications.

Do you have a customer support?

We take care of the customer support towards your candidates. We take pride in having a high response rate in your interviews.

What is team engagement?

With this functionality you can easily get “second opinions” from your team members by sharing the candidate material. Or even make joint interviews where two or more of your team members can record interview questions.

What is candidate database?

The database is formed as you start accumulating applications for the different job openings. You can easily search for potential candidates that maybe didn’t get a job in an earlier application process. The videos and all other information concerning the candidates are neatly packaged in the database.

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